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Sunlife Tanning offers the best tanning and sunless tanning service in Cambridge, & Ham Lake MN.

Sunlife Salon brings a modern, upscale approach to a tanning salon.

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Great Tanning Beds

Sunlife takes pride in the quality of our beds, especially the quality of our bulbs. Our bulbs are changed frequently to ensure our customers are achieving the best tan possible.


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Sunless Tanning

The VersaSpa is our sunless tanning system. There should be no fear of turning orange in our VersaSpa. Our spray tans typically last one week, but may last longer if it is properly cared for.


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Super Talented Staff

Our Employees are dedicated to making your tanning experience as wonderful as possible. The Sunlife team takes pride in our customer service and is always willing to answer any questions you may have. All of our employees are Smart Tan certified. This certification ensures they know the safest and smartest ways to achieve a tan.


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Easy Online Reservations

Soon you’ll be able to book your tanning appointment online and hassle free.


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