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At Sunlife Tanning Salon, we offer the best tanning beds in Cambridge, Minnesota.

About Our Tanning Beds

We change the bulbs on our beds regularly and make sure our staff are up to date on all maintenance the beds require.

If you ever need a recommendation on which bed to use or how long you should relax with us, just ask one of our friendly associates.

Step 1 Beds

We have five basic 20-minute laydown beds. Level one beds are the best for building a base tan and once you have achieved the tan you desire, it helps maintain that color. Some of our level one beds have facial lamps which are designed for tanning your face in a safer way. We also have level one beds without facials if that is your preference. The bulbs in our level one beds are most similar to the Sun.

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Step 2 Beds

We have three laydown and two stand up bronzing beds. Bronzing beds protect you from burning by eliminating the UVB rays which are considered the “Burning” rays.

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Step 3 Beds

We have two Mega Bronzing beds.  These beds will protect your skin from burning, all while giving you a nice looking, fast tan.  These beds are equipped with additional bulbs for better shoulder and side tanning.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Tanning Advice

What Does Lotion Do For Me?
Tanning accelerators and lotions aid in keeping the skin moisturized to provide you with maximum tanning results. Tanning without a lotion can cause damage by drying the skin out and will reflect up 60% of the UV rays away from your body.

You will see a deeper darker tan as well as maintain it longer when using a Professional indoor tanning product. DO NOT use outdoor tanning products such as oil or spray as it causes a film on the bed acrylics and actually can inhibit your skin from tanning.

Why Can’t I Get Any Darker?
Depending on how often you tan, you may find you hit a plateau and you aren’t getting any darker. Sunlife offers a variety of tanning bed equipment with varying features, and outputs of UVA and UVB. You should rotate between beds to achieve the best possible tan.

In addition to trying a different bed, you may want to try a bronzing or sizzle lotion or complement your tan with our VersaSpa Sunless Tanning.

What’s Causing These White Spots
If you’re seeing white spots on your skin after tanning it could be caused by one of the following conditions. Pressure points may be created by the position you lay on the tanning bed. These pressure points are mainly your shoulder blades, tail bone and backs of the calves, restricting blood flow and preventing tanning in those areas.

You may also notice something called “sun spots” caused by a fungus originating on your scalp that falls onto the upper body. These small spots just don’t tan.

A third reason you may see white spots is due to Vitiligo. These are areas on the body that don’t produce melanin, usually irregularly shaped patches of skin. See your physician for a proper diagnosis.

Why Do I Itch Whenever I Tan Lately?
Itchiness can be caused by a slight heat rash which will go away. Wait a day or two before you tan again.

Please refer to our medications list in the salon prior to tanning. Some medications can cause a negative reaction to UV light such as redness or itching. Please check with your pharmacist or doctor if you are taking a photosensitive medication.

Tanning Guidelines

Do I Have to Wear Goggles?
UV rays (UVA and UVB) are harmful to your eyes. Your eyelids alone are too thin to offer an adequate amount of protection.

Sunlife provides eyewear to every customer and must be worn. Eyewear may also be purchased.

How Often Can I Tan?
Sunlife allows its customers to tan every day if they wish.

Hoowever, we require a 24 hour time period between each tan. This is a manufacturer’s recommendation and one we take very seriously.

Guideline 3
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